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Ideas 4 Landscaping Review – Is it worth it?

Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter, or investor and you have even a little bit of property, chances are that you can see the benefits of a nicely landscaped space. A well-designed landscape can take a space from “ow” to “wow” with just a bit of effort and care. Ideas 4 Landscaping is a resource […]

Selling Real Estate Tips and Tricks

Selling Real Estate Tips and Tricks

For most people, selling real estate is a big deal. Even if you are a regular real estate investor, there is still quite a bit of money on the line with any property sale. The process can seem daunting at times. When selling real estate tips and tricks can always help. Consider the following steps/tips […]

Kick the Clutter with Mudroom Storage Furniture

Kick the Clutter with Mudroom Storage Furniture

Whether you have a property that you’re planning on living in for awhile, you’re in a property that you’re looking to flip, or you are looking at setting up a rental, there’s nothing that is as distracting as clutter. Oftentimes, the front foyer of a house is well-considered, with statement pieces and organization well in […]

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My Thoughts on Rich Dad Poor Dad Investing Cash Flow System Webinar & Real Estate Cashflow Blueprint Program

1st Product Name: Rich Dad Poor Dad Investing Cash Flow System Webinar 2nd Product Name: Rich Dad Real Estate Cashflow Blueprint Product Owner: Robert Kiyosaki Webinar Rating: 6.5/10 Blueprint Rating: Depends on your learning style What Is It? The Rich Dad Poor Dad Real Estate Investing Cash Flow System Webinar is a one-hour webinar featuring […]

How to do a Comparative Market Analysis for Real Estate

Whether you’re looking at listing a property or you’re looking at buying a property, if you’re with a solid real estate agent, he or she will likely do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) either on your property or prospective property to determine what the best listing or buying price for the property would be. If […]

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What Is A Real Estate Board and Why Does It Matter?

As you start on your real estate investing journey, you might hear a bunch of terms thrown around. REALTORs (often written all in caps, which, as a self-proclaimed word geek, made no sense grammatically to me) and MLS are a couple of terms. And, if you were snooping around the Canadian real estate scene about […]

Couple receiving keys with the title "Finding the Right Ontario Real Estate Agent for You"

Finding the right Ontario real estate agent for you

Chances are that, somewhere in your circle of friends and family, you could easily find one or two real estate agents. However, when you are looking at making a major purchase or investment – particularly in Ontario where most of the housing market is well above half-a-million dollars – can you trust making your decision […]

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Welcome to Pre-Construction GTA – a one-stop shop for VIP access to the hottest upcoming properties in the Greater Toronto Area, alongside valuable tips and tricks for real estate investors, right from the real estate industry. The Pre-Construction GTA Story Welcome to Pre-Construction GTA! My name is Mia George and I am a licensed REALTOR […]